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Adapter Plate
Warren Eames
Smokey Yunick
Will Hanzdel
Colin Lloyd
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Warren Eames
Smokey Yunick
Will Handzel
Colin Lloyd

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ALL FMA Flowbenches now have PNEUMATIC control.

The slides that we have been using for the past eighteen years are now no more. The direction & range changes are now controled PNEUMATICLY. This means our FMA machines are now even EASIERto use. This relates to flowing jobes even quicker. We also now have machines that flow over 1000cfm@ 28"wg. So there are now even more reasons to have an FMA Flowbench.   

 have been producing Flow Benches since 1996 for High performance engines, such as Dragsters,
Formula Holden, Formula Vee, Speedway, Street cars, Drag Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Circuit Bikes, Go-Karts and Circuit racers as well as for Gas powered cars. With sales in eight countries, people all over the world are finding the benefits of owning a FMA Flow Bench. Flow Benches (Flowbenches) can be used to measure the airflow on almost any item that flows air, even non automotive items. These days it would be extremely rare for a front runner in any automotive sport to not have access to a Flow Bench. If you want better income potential you need a FMA Flow Bench. To keep up with the front runners (who are most likely there with the aid of a Flow Bench) you need what they have. One advantage of owning a FMA Flow Bench is you purchase an income producing machine and therefore are able to afford some other goodies that the front runners have. With young people spending large sums of money on there engines they like to see what improvements it has bought them. When you spend the time Porting a head or set of heads you and your customer would like to see how that work (on your part) and money (on the customers part) has affected the performance of the engine. With the Port Flow Analyzer software that comes with our machines you can show them. It's a fact that to get more power out, you must get more air (and fuel) in, but how much air are you getting in, a FMA Flow Bench will show you. Also, is bigger better or do the ports need to be built up and if so where do you build them up. A FMA Flow bench will show what Valve angles are best and which Valves are suited to a particular head. A FMA Flow Bench will help to get the best out of a Carby and or Manifold. You can even flow exhaust systems on a FMA Flow Bench so it does not over or under scavenge a cylinder. To match Cylinder Port flow so all Cylinders flow the same is done on a FMA Flowbench.
We have machines that can flow to over 2000 HP @ 28" wg and over 3800 HP @ 10" wg on a V8, as well as machines to help get your Go-Kart at the front of the pack.
This is just touching the surface of the potential uses for a FMA Flowbench.

FME1200 flow benchFME1200 flowbench Front
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